Network Security

Minimise the risk and severity of cyber-attacks and maintain business operations with Wattis Groups network security solutions.

What is Network Security?

Network security is any practice designed to proactively secure the integrity of networks and data.

This involves the implementation of hardware, software, and business-wide practices to protect networks and network infrastructures and stop unauthorised access, disruptions, and cyber threats.

Network vulnerabilities exist at all levels, whether that’s in applications, data paths, or users. To effectively counter these vulnerabilities, Wattis Group offers multi-layered network security solutions, implementing defenses at all levels of your network. Each layer has specific controls to protect networks from cyberattacks, unauthorised access, and data loss.

To effectively defend against cyber-attacks, a business approach to network security solutions should integrate with existing cyber security services as well as being automated to ensure confident management. Wattis Group can provide this cyber network security approach.

Types of Network Security

Our network security services span Firewalls, Managed Patching, VPN’s, SD-WAN, and Secure Web Gateway. In addition to network Pen Testing, and end-user training, ensuring each layer of your network is protected and effectively managed.


Firewalls monitor your incoming and outgoing traffic and decide whether to allow or deny it based on a set of specified security rules, boosting privacy, and preventing attacks. Firewalls have traditionally been the first line of defence for networks security management teams and are seen as critical applications as the use of the internet has increased substantially over time.

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software works by scanning your device to detect, eradicate and prevent viruses and other malware. Without anti-virus software, viruses, spyware, and other forms of malware can be installed covertly, and can do anything from crash, monitor, or take control of your device. Anti-virus software provides protection against these types of threats by performing some key tasks: Identifying specific files for the software to detect malware – Scheduling automatic scans – Scanning single files or your entire computer – Eradicating viruses and malware – Confirming the safety of your computer and other devices

Anti-Ransomware Software

Ransomware, as the name suggests, is a form of extortion that locks and encrypts a victim’s device or data, and then demands a ransom from the user to restore access. Common sources of ransomware include malicious attachments in emails, malicious advertising, and the more targeted methods of spear phishing. Effective anti-ransomware software will proactively scan your device to help identify malicious intruders in your system. Ensuring your computer is up to date with the latest security patches is another key action in preventing ransomware attacks.

Virtual Private network

With concerns over internet privacy becoming hot topic in recent years, Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) offer an easy and effective solution to improve network security, by ensuring secure connections between devices and networks. VPN’s work by creating a secure tunnel between an endpoint (device) and a network. The VPN encrypts your personal data traffic and sends it to the VPN via a secure connection. VPNs secure your network against attacks which require your IP (Internet Protocol) address, such as remote hacking attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks. Wattis Group strongly recommend all end-user VPNs are protected with MFA.


A Software-Defined Wide Area Network is a virtual network that enables access to cloud applications in multi-cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environments. Businesses that don’t implement a SD-WAN will see increased overhead and hardware costs whilst seeing a drop in network performance.

Secure Web Gateway

A Secure Web Gateway is a cyber security solution that protects a network user against web-based threats. Secure Web Gateways work by identifying and filtering unwanted software and malware from internet traffic which align to the organisations implemented regulatory policy. Secure Web Gateways are an imperative cyber security service for businesses today. As hybrid working becomes the norm for many businesses, a Secure Web Gateway ensures that user endpoint devices are protected wherever they are located.

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