Microsoft Teams

Unlock the full business value of Microsoft Teams through secure collaboration and communication

Microsoft Teams provides a single hub for communication, collaboration and teamwork. It brings together the core functions of Microsoft 365, and incorporates messaging, file sharing, meetings, voice, app platforms and more. Microsoft Teams is the fastest-growing application, helping businesses function while remote and hybrid working.

By integrating Microsoft Teams into your business you’ll be able to revolutionise the way in which your teams work and communicate together no matter regardless of location or device.

Microsoft Teams Features

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform offering document sharing, online meeting rooms, and other functionality. It is the ultimate hub for online business communication. The ‘all in one’ features make it the leading collaboration software in the world today.

The defining features of Microsoft Teams include:

Teams & Channels

Channels are conversation and project boards, which organise team threads into a single channel — no more hunting around for emails that someone forgot to include you in!

Team Chat

Use chat to message people or groups for quick answers, which, in turn, helps reduce inbox overload in Outlook.

Document Storage in SharePoint

Every employee using Microsoft Teams will have access to SharePoint, a secure place to store, organise, share and access files. This platform makes document collaboration and sharing within Teams easy.

Online Video Calling & Screen Sharing

Quick and easy access to video calling. With the click of a button, you can reach colleagues and people outside your business. This feature is a must for Teams collaboration and communication. It also includes desktop sharing as a feature.

Teams Online Meetings

Microsoft Teams offers meetings for all occasions. Whether you’re meeting one-to-one, delivering a sales pitch, conducting a group training session, or running a company-wide address, it has the functionality you need.

Teams Audio Conferencing & Cloud Telephony

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based telephony solution within Microsoft Teams. It combines a phone system, domestic calling plan, SMS, and audio conferencing. With audio conferencing, anyone can join an online meeting via phone without an internet connection. (Note, this requires additional licensing).

Microsoft Teams Planning, Adoption & Deployment

Getting technology deployed is one thing, but making it work for your organisation is another thing altogether. Our specialist Microsoft Certified Experts ensure that Teams is set up securely and your staff are fully trained. We will work together to make sure your organisation realises the full potential and value of Teams. Our Microsoft Teams consultancy team offer end-to-end support and advice, including planning, deployment and adoption.

Our methodical roadmap and planning process always results in a successful outcome.

Our team of Microsoft deployment specialists are technical experts who can quickly get your organisation to a secure operational state.

We understand that successful technology deployment is judged by levels of adoption. But changing behaviours and habits is not easy. Therefore, we will help you with communications, training, and feedback mechanisms to maximise engagement and adoption.

We work with you to understand your business requirements and discuss Teams configuration options. We then configure settings, develop governance processes that align with internal business rules, and enforce corporate policies

We ensure your data is safe and secure while shared across multiple devices, locations and companies. As a Microsoft security partner, we can assess your needs, make recommendations, and deploy strategies to protect your data.

We provide hands-on support that optimises your ROI when building a modern workplace using Teams and Microsoft 365.

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