Microsoft Azure

Build your business in the cloud with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. As a Microsoft Azure partner we are experts in Azure solutions, Azure migration and Azure development.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud platforms in the world. It includes a growing collection of integrated cloud services, providing a complete cloud solution for organisations looking to improve productivity, increase efficiency and enhance flexibility.

With Azure, you can build infrastructure, develop modern applications, manage your identity, set your organisation up with reliable back-up and disaster recovery options, and more.


Designed to provide organisations with a secure and future-proofed infrastructure and hosting platform, Azure can become the long-term answer for many business’ needs in supporting a sustainable environment.

An Azure datacentre brings endless possibilities and complete flexibility to your business, allowing for open-source frameworks and hybrid environments. Azure allows you to deliver an array of cloud computing services at the click of a button.

Microsoft Azure features

Azure Storage

Expand your data storage capabilities. Azure offers a range of versatile and highly scalable storage options for structured and unstructured data. BCN Group will match your application needs to the right storage solution and deliver you a flexible, scalable solution.

Azure Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting your critical data and applications. Azure provides an end-to-end backup and DR solution that’s simple, secure, cost-effective and integrates with on-premise data protection solutions. Azure backup and DR is cloud-native, highly available and resilient. Azure Site Recovery can also be used to replicate cloud and hybrid servers into Azure regions.

App & Web Hosting

Flexible capacity for individual sites and apps under a single subscription. Azure web hosting is a powerful tool that allows a company to group and scale capacity of multiple websites and applications independently within a single subscription. You can build the sites you want without having the expense of upgrading some sites beyond what you need. There are different pricing tiers (including a free tier) allowing you to select the most appropriate performance needs for each site, such as storage quotas and scale out limits.

Azure Active Directory

Simplifies life for administrators while enhancing security. Azure Active Directory (AD) is a universal identity platform for managing and securing identities. Administrators benefit from centralised user and rights management, as well as centralised control over computer and user configurations. This includes single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for safeguarding against cybersecurity threats.

Virtual Machines

Move your desktops’ operating systems to the cloud. Access your desktop from any location, just as you would from the office, with Azure Virtual Machines. This service allows you to set up Linux and Windows virtual machines in a matter of seconds.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Turn your data into actionable insights. Azure Analysis Services helps you to transform complex data into actionable insights. It is built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft Azure SQL Server Analysis Services.

Azure Migrate

A unified approach to migration. Azure IaaS includes a range of cloud migration services and tools to discover, assess and migrate workloads to the cloud.

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